About Us

What is Geoguessr?

Geoguessr is a game made by that drops a player into google street view in a random location. The player then has to figure out where in the world using various clues visible. The closer the guess is to the actual location, the more points one gets.

What is G.E.O?

G.E.O (or Geoguessr Esports Organization) is an organization of community members designed to support the competitive Geoguessr community by recording competitions, ranking players, and ensuring fair play among other things.

What is the G.E.O world ranking?

The world rankings are designed to rank the best players of Geoguessr from around the world. It is based on participation in the most competitive events that the Community has to offer. Points are awarded for winning or finishing high in tournaments, pro leagues, and Reddit competitions. Any competition can be included in the calculations.

The world rankings are also used to decide who is invited to play in the GEO Masters and Championship tournaments

How are the world rankings calculated?

Points are awarded based on several factors such as competitiveness, length, and map variety. For full details, please see the documentation here. Points from a competition are good for 6 months with a player’s best 15 counting toward their total score. This is to ensure that players have the chance to rest and do not have to worry about participating in every event.

How do I participate?

Just play! You can find a list of participating events here or on the Geoguessr wiki. Please register as a player to make sure that your name is not missed and your points are properly attributed. We recommend using your Geoguessr name as your main name.

How do I get my tournament included in the world rankings?

If you would like your competition included, please inform a GEO board member or submit an application here. Once your tournament is included please put [GEO] in the title of your competition to help players know that it will count towards their world rankings